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What’s inside the dungeon and mansion?

From outside the site, you can’t see what’s hidden inside le Donjon, Manoir et Jardin de la Salle ! There are indeed two different heritage buildings to visit, which are not connected. Go inside to discover different furnished rooms, with period furniture and miscellaneous objects. Here we go ?

In the dungeon, the master tower

The keep is square and to serve the floors (there are 2 floors and a third where the walkway is), a round turret is attached to the building. The spiral staircase with steps weathered by passage and time leads to an herbalist’s shop. It’s a place that aims to be educational (thanks to our herbalism and medicinal plants workshops) and beautiful at the same time. Admire the wood furniture, the custom-made shelves where vials, bottles of all kinds, labeled jars and others with mysterious contents are displayed… the hall of justice is the place where judgment was made, the fate was deliberated people summoned. The master bedroom and its furniture will seduce you with its elegant decoration. At the very top is the covered walkway: loopholes, machicolations, it attests to the defensive vocation of this tower. The monumental framework will please carpentry enthusiasts, it is sumptuous and admirably supports the slate roof.

The manor, a place of living and reception

The manor is a habitat, it is elegant, comfortable, rather bright and surrounded by a superb garden. Enter the kitchen, where you expect to see someone busy preparing a delicious meal. The monumental fireplace warms you up just by looking at it! On the table, fruits and vegetables are placed, various foodstuffs consumed by the local inhabitants. Continue the visit through the large reception room with its hangings. We can imagine the receptions given in this place… Upstairs, the bedroom, its study and the large living room confirm that the masters and mistresses of the house love comfort and that this place is as beautiful as it is pleasant to live in.

Everywhere in the dungeon and the manor, unusual objects, like a cabinet of curiosities. Clocks, containers of different materials, furniture or small furniture with a particular function. You will love ! Respect the furniture and objects, take care of this historical heritage, gathered here for your pleasure!

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