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Visit the village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère

Are you coming to visit le Donjon, Manoir et Jardin de la Salle ? Above all, don’t forget to leave time to discover the sumptuous village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère. Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, it is a pearl of the Vézère Valley. Artisans, restaurants, riversides, it is a lively and very attractive place all year round but particularly in the summer months. Here we go ?

A village on the banks of the Vézère

As its name indicates, Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère is located near the eponymous river, it is nestled in a meander of the Vézère. Located between Montignac-Lascaux and Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, it is a mecca of prehistory and medieval times and one of the most popular vacation spots in Périgord Noir! Come stroll through its little Couredoux (small streets), its medieval streets lined with village houses made of golden cut stone. Here, everything is beautiful and the municipality takes care of its heritage by enhancing it with magnificent multicolored flowers. 2 large free municipal car parks allow you to park, even by bus and motorhome. You can visit the village on foot, it is compact and picturesque. Don’t miss the discovery of its shops, the meeting with the many artisans, eating in one of its many restaurants and enjoying the discovery of the main heritage monuments: the Romanesque church of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, the Eiffel-style metal bridge, the Clérans manor (private), the former Maison de la Marine which administered the circulation of barges on the river (the town hall)…

saint leon eglise

Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère is a major stronghold of river navigation, there are 3 canoe-kayak rental bases which offer routes on the Vézère.

  • Just after the metal bridge of Saint-Léon, continuing the road for 3 minutes towards Peyzac-le-Moustier, you will arrive at La Roque Saint-Christophe! 5 minutes’ drive further is the Maison Forte de Reignac! Visit these 2 other complementary sites by opting for the trio or duo Paired Ticket!

The point of view from the Côte de Jor

Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère has several facets. There is the heart of the village, but the commune is extended and goes beyond the town. Come and discover the Côte de Jor, a somewhat magical place where many centers of interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism have taken refuge. There are 2 main centers on the hill and Buddhist retreat places. You can come to the very top of this small mountain to appreciate one of the prettiest panoramas of the Vézère valley, with a 180-degree view of the village, at the top of the Côte de Jor (you will find it on your application favorite GPS).

vue cote de jor printemps